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Freshest ingredients prepared for you in your home.
Reliable, fresh, and catered specifically for you.
First, we choose a menu together
Since all of the cooking is done in your home, using your eqipment, we meet in your kitchen.  This gives us the opportunity to discuss the foods you want, any food allergies, health issues, likes, dislikes etc.
Cooking Date
After figuring out all of the recipes, I do the grocery shopping on the way to your home, allowing me to get the freshest ingredients.
(Groceries are included in the price).  I place all perishables in your refrigerator and start cooking.  Everything is packaged for 1, 2, 3 or 4 portions for reheating in either the oven or microwave. and will be labelled and in your refrigerator or freezer
Why Chef Helen?
Chef Helen Gottesman has a B. A. from Queens College in Nutrition.
 I have always loved cooking, and took over most of my family cooking at the age of 12. Keeping kosher forces me to always re-think and reimagine recipes and create alternatives for all health issues
Worth even more!
Depending on the number of meals and portions,.meals are normally $36/each.  More meals or portions are often less as I am using only a little more of my time and additional ingredients.

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Specializing in Healthy, Kosher Cuisine in Palm Beach County, Florida
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3 Main Dishes and Sides Dishes with 4 Portions of Each.
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"We are in our 90's and can't cook much for ourselves any more. Helen cooks whatever we ask for, always finds a way to make the dishes we grew up with.  Her chicken matzoh ball soup is the best."
Zelda , Delray Beach